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Ulus 2 Ulus

Proudly located on O'ahu

In 2012, a few friends got together at a Kaneohe Starbucks and thus began the creation of Ulus 2 Ulus. The friends were taken by an idea, and with the help of some hand-cut index cards, pens, a highlighter, and an appreciation for the local culture of Hawai'i Nei, Ulus 2 Ulus was born! 

Ulus 2 Ulus is one local kine card game crafted from a deep appreciation for Hawaii's unique, colorful, yet cohesive "kapakahi quilt kine" culture and humor. Da Basic Deck includes 460 high-quality printed cards: with local kine things on dem, one 'how-to’-play' guide, and one sturdy box for keeping your cards altogether.

This card game is fun for everyone in your 'ohana, including keiki (if they stay 13+)! Team Ulus hopes they can work to expand on U2U with expansion packs. They also want to connect people to each other upon local culture beyond just the game.

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