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Teas by Hiwa

Proudly located on O'ahu

Teas by Hiwa started as a way for its founders to make homemade goodies for their families. It has since grown into a collaboration of traditional and modern chai products that are made of locally grown spices and flavors for Hawai'i.

The company's name 'Teas by Hiwa' allows them to convey their story and respect their Kūpuna (or ancestors). They believe they have a kuleana (or responsibility) to perpetuate the benefits of cultivating Hawai'i-grown spices, herbs, and roots to transcend conventional medicinal use.

This is achieved by integrating traditional Hawaiian flavors throughout their modern products to soften the intimidating yet approachable bridge between what was then to what is now. Teas by Hiwa celebrated Hawai'i's diversely grown crops by striving to normalize the use of nīoi (Hawaiian chili pepper), ‘olena (turmeric), niu (coconut), cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg,

The brand's instant chai mixes are blended in small batches using precise amounts of earthly favorites as a way to reconnect people to place. It is Teas by Hiwa's mission to share their connection of who they are and where they are from through instant chai.  

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