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Slow Island Food & Beverage Co.

Proudly located on Kaua'i

Slow Island Food & Beverage Co. is a company driven by quality and seasonable abundance. It was founded by Chef Gida Snyder, a Certified Master Preserver, and alumnus of the Culinary Institute of the Pacific. 

It is the company's mission to uplift farmers and support and mentor other women in the food production space. They also want to celebrate the diversity and abundance of incredible ingredients grown in Hawaii. 

They know that the best ingredients come from land worked with love and do not compromise about sourcing from the islands, paying fairly for ingredients, and keeping the supply chain close to home. 

Chef Gida brings years of international cooking experience to Slow Island Food & Beverage. She is driven by quality and uses her skills to bottle the fruit and produce and also to share a taste of the islands.

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