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Na Makua Original Hawaiian Designs

Proudly located on Hawai'i Island 

For over 20 years, Nä Mäkua Original Hawaiian Designs has been widely known for its distinctive and unique Hawaiian art.

Artists Nelson and Kainoa Makua make up this father-and-son team. They draw from their experiences as kanaka maoli, and the stories passed down from küpuna to create their visual images.

Over the course of Nelson's career, he never considered starting his own clothing line as he had always used Creative Arts as the screeners for his tees. But, with the encouragement and support from the owners of Creative Arts, Nelson, and Kainoa started Na Maku when they presented their new line at the Merrie Monarch Festival in 1999.

From apparel to fine art, their images may speak of the beauty of Hawai‘i, or its legends or ‘ölelo no‘eau. Nä Mäkua gives it a visual voice that speaks out to other Hawaiians.

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