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Proudly located on O'ahu

Inspired by his cultural upbringing as a native Hawaiian hula practitioner, self-taught fashion designer Manaola Yap translates Hawaiian spirituality and Hawai’i’s natural beauty into prints that embody repetitious patterns found in nature.

Manaola Yap was born into a family whose cultural and artistic roots run deep into the volcanic soil of Hawai‘i Island. For generations before contact with the West, his ancestors were hula practitioners and artisans of traditional Hawaiian textiles and dyes; more recently, his family has become known for its award-winning musical talent.

Raised amid this tradition of creativity, Manaola stands upon the strong foundation his kūpuna (ancestors) laid out. Manaola began to conceive of an idea: could he translate the spirituality of Hawaiian culture, and the beauty and wonder of Hawai‘i, into an artistic language that could be shared with the entire world and understood by all?

This fashion brand is Manaola's answer to that important question. Featuring bold, printed patterns that embody the Hawaiian spirit and evoke the beauty and geometry of nature, this brand introduces the world to Manaola's vision for Hawaii fashion in the 21st century.

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