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Nake'u Awai

Proudly Located on O'ahu

Nake'u Awai is a well-respected Hawai'i fashion icon whose first love was, and still is, theater.

In the 1960s, even though Nakeʻu had no formal training as a designer, a choreographer in L.A. encouraged him to try costume design, leading him to the fashion world. After working with big names in fashion, Nakeʻu returned home to Oʻahu in the early 1970s, establishing his own fashion line and merging the knowledge he gained with Hawaiian culture.

Often referred to as the Grandfather of Hawaiʻi fashion, Nakeʻu was the first Hawaiian designer to create prints using native and indigenous flora as inspiration locally.

Through trial and error, determination, and an indomitable creative spirit, Nakeʻu has made his mark on Hawaiʻi’s fashion industry. Today, he is seen as a mentor whose support and encouragement to other local designers, artists, and craftspeople reflects his strong sense of Hawaiʻi. 

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Instagram: @nakeuawaidesigns