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Kilani Brew

Proudly located on O'ahu

Kilani Brew was founded with one goal in mind: to provide high-quality, locally sourced, great-tasting tea. It is a locally owned and operated farm owner and tea processor based in Wahiawa, Hawai'i. 

Passionate about Hawai`i, its agricultural heritage, and being healthy, Kilani Brew grows and purveys premium mamaki tea. The smooth flavor of the brand's mamaki tea blend comes from selecting the best red, pink, and light green mamaki varieties.

The Kilani Brew team handpicks and crafts each leaf to ensure both novice and consummate tea drinkers enjoy a delicious and relaxing experience. They also work with local farmers to process and purvey various tea that, through legend and research, are known to have health benefits that go perfectly with the tea's great taste. 

Kilani Brew's passion and mission is to bring their customers premium teas that they hope everyone will enjoy. They also hope customers will explore their breadfruit leaf tea, avocado leaf tea, banana leaf tea, and mango leaf tea alongside a beautiful mamaki brew.

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