Hula Preservation Society

20th Anniversary Tee Wahine Black

Inspired by the late Kumu Hula Nona Beamer, Hula Preservation Society (HPS) was founded in 2000 to digitally document stories and insights from our beloved hula elders. This year marks our 20th anniversary! To celebrate, we designed this commemorative, limited edition t-shirt, available in white, black, and blue, in both regular and women’s styles.

The design honors our core connections to kūpuna, hula, and our founder and includes:
- Sketch of a historic noho dancer from our logo
- Lehua blossom at the fore, as we send love to the ʻōhiʻa trees of our forests that are under attack by Rapid Ohia Death
- Sweet pulelehua (butterfly) that Auntie Nona loved as a symbol of beauty and transformation

The design is embraced by the ti-leaf (in lei form) that is not only sacred in hula, but was an integral element in Auntie Nona’s hula protocols, as guided by her grandmother and mentor, Helen Desha Beamer.

Finally, for this milestone, we affirm, “E mālama i ka hulu mākua”, inspired by ʻŌlelo Noʻeau (wise saying) #601 … In Hawaiian arts, hulu are choice feathers that can be fashioned into beautiful adornments and attire, and those HPS has worked with are our hulu mākua, the choicest among us. We honor and recognize the treasures who have dedicated their lives to preserving and perpetuating all that is truly Hawaiʻi.