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    Tea Tree Patchouli Bar Soap

    This super soap helps fight against skin infections and funguses (tea tree) while promoting wound healing and boosting the immune system (patchouli). It is great for faces with oily skin and acne and is perfect for those of us on the path to increasing or maintaining the overall healthiness of our mind and body.

    Tea Tree Oil is native to Australia and, as a testament to its medicinal quality, the Australian Army included it in their first aid kits for its wound healing properties. Tea Tree Patchouli Soap is particularly popular in the summer months when the skin is more oily and prone to bacteria. We have heard amazing stories about its success with teenagers and their beautiful maturing faces. This soap also contains the unique oil, Patchouli, which is thick and dark in its pure form and its essence is incredible. In aromatherapy, Patchouli is used to balance emotions and reduce anxiety. This soap is a marriage of Royal Medicines, and we often hear people say, "It is the only soap I ever use." 

    Virgin Coconut Oil is indigenous to Polynesia and has been used by Polynesians for centuries to condition hair, nourish, and heal the skin. It also adds a beautiful scent to the body. Virgin coconut oil also has antibacterial properties and is high in antioxidants.


    • Net Weight: 5oz
    • Ingredients: Saponified Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, and Grapeseed Oil.Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Organic Glycerin. Tea Tree Essential Oil. Patchouli Essential Oil. Organic Aloe Gel. Organic Poppy Seeds. Organic Wheat Bran. Vitamin E. Rosemary Seed Extract.