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  • Marr Artworks

    Proudly located on O'ahu

    Marr Artworks was created by husband and wife team Kris and Kim Marr in 2013. Working side by side in their studio on O'ahu, they started experimenting with resin and wood, first turning out pens, then necklace pendants and earrings. 

    They believe in repurposing and reusing items, and therefore, the jewelry pieces are made using wood scraps sourced from other woodworkers that don't use the cutoffs and small natural edge bits. 

    As their purpose for the shop evolved, they expanded their offerings to include home decor. They started slowly experimenting on wood panels to see how the resin blended together. Kris has continued making jewelry, while Kim started taking everyday household items and turning them into functional art. Each of their pieces is one of a kind and can never be exactly duplicated. 

    Both Kris and Kim were born and raised in Hawaii, and they draw inspiration from the beauty around them. The ocean and the beaches are always represented in their art. The strong influence that the ocean has played in their lives will always be represented in Marr Artworks' creations.

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    Instagram: @marrartworks