S3- Kimi Pea Kreations

Aloha! Welcome to Kimi Pea Kreations LLC. I'd like to welcome you on a tour to see one of a kind gem bead Kreations designed to bring you joy, comfort, and an endless flow of energy. Founded in 2017, my mission was to spread happiness and positive energy to those that love to accessorize. Based on Maui I hand make gem bead bracelets in a variety of styles, natural textures, and stunning colors to match your casual to formal wear. Stack them up to show them off or wear a single piece to show simple elegance. Scrolling through my pieces you'll find helpful information on materials used, sizes available, and the properties each gem bead provides. Mahalo for your support! Have a beautiful gem filled day ~ Kimi P. xoxo

Proudly located on Maui

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