Maui SweetnSpicy

Maui SweetnSpicy is commited to creating delicious, nutritious, clean label products because 23 years ago a toxic mold exposure robbed me of the use of my hands and arms for a year. It was nutrition that brought back my hands. Now I use Maui SweetnSpicy products everyday to combat brain fog, boost my metabolistm and just enjoy each day as the flavors dance in my mouth and make me smile. The versatility of our six spiced cacao flavors, 2 cooking spices, comfort cocoas and superfoods make it easy to create my own Maui Wellnes Lifestyle.

Visit our growing global ohana at where we gather to sip cacao, share aloha, talk story and celebrate what's right in the world.

Side note - when I lost the use of my hands that year, I quit sewing. COVID challenged me to pick up the needle and make masks, so these redesigned 'covid ear free' masks are the end result.