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    6” Glass beaded earrings with 14k Gold filled beads & chain fringe - Green

    1 item left

    Due to the nature of the agreement with the vendor, this product can not be returned or exchanged.

    These 6” Beaded Earrings with 14k Gold filled Fringe - Green from Maui Swan Designs are available at Pop-Up Mākeke and would make a great addition to your jewelry collection. 

    Hawaii is officially known as the "rainbow state," and Ānuenue means "Rainbow" in Hawaiian. Ancient Hawaiians felt a profound connection with the aina (land) and utilized stories of their divine beings and goddesses to offer an explanation for the world around them. In Hawaiian folklore, the rainbow acts as the celestial path by which the Hawaiian Gods come down to earth; it also acts as the pathway for the souls of the dead to travel to heavenly realms. Additionally, the Rainbow Goddess, Anuenue, acts as a messenger of the Gods. 

    The Maui "Rainbow" Collection has been inspired by experiencing all of the glorious rainbows while living in the forest area of Olinda Maui. 

    The 6" long Maui Ānuenue 14k Gold Filled Fringe Earrings are one-of-a-kind and handmade. They are sewn together securely with nylon thread soaked in Maui Beeswax and a 1.5" 14k gold-filled chain on the end of each strand. The pair has a total of 15" of 14k gold-filled chain fringe and 14k gold-filled clasp.