Manafest Aloha

Manafest Aloha is a conscientious clothing company founded upon a collective consciousness movement, #MANAfestAloha. It is an initiative to elevate the collective mana (spiritual essence) of mankind in order to elevate the mana of this honua (world), bringing about some much-needed healing from the adverse actions of man throughout the past few millennia...we are reaching a critical tipping point in history where we, as the masses, have the profound power to tip the scales of justice in a PONO (righteous) direction. The ultimate desire of this movement is to restore HUMANITY TO MANKIND, starting with ALOHA (love) of Self, as well as Aloha to strengthen the pilina (relationships) amongst our familial, social, communal, and global circles so that we can be the mechanisms of change towards global peace and righteousness that our honua deserves, and we truly need. May we kako’o (support) and kōkua (assist) one another on this beautiful spiritual huaka’i (journey) towards happiness and enlightenment!!!

​Na’u me ka Ha’aha’a,

​~ Anela

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