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  • Ka'ahanui Kreations

    Dean Ka'ahanui 

    Cultural practitioner, artist, founder, and creator at Ka'ahanui Kreations. 

    Born and raised in Honolulu on the Island of Oahu. Dean grew up as a child of the 'āina (land) and utilizes all the love, aloha, life experiences, and mentorship that he has been raised with to create his pieces of art.

    Dean utilizes all-natural materials in his artwork, he gathers from the land and animals to create art. He learned his art from kupuna (elders) and ohana (family) which stems back from generations to the Marquesas Islands.

    He was taken in by Master Marquesas artist Eriki Marchand who taught him how to create unique one-of-a-kind pieces of art that are connected to the land and carry mana (power) to the wearer of the piece to the ʻāina as well.

    Dean does his art full time and has done so for the past 20 years. His art is his passion and travels throughout Polynesia to be connected to the land, the people, and the ancestors who have come before him in whoʻs past knowledge he endeavors to carry on. 

    All of Dean's pieces are inspired by the dawning of a new day as he is surrounded by nature’s beauty of the sun, our Mauna (mountains), our rivers that flow through our home the sounding of the birds are all elements of life gifts. They become their own entity These pieces call out to you, and you to it. You will be drawn to the piece that is right for you. 

    One of Dean's signature handwork is using cow bone and coconut cording. Coconut Fiber and or Sennett takes a lot of time and energy. First is finding coconuts, then husk, clean, pound, and soak the fiber. There are not many who know how to use this technique and Dean is a master worker at it.