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  • Hualalai Estate Coffee

    Proudly Located on Hawai'i Island

    Named after the mountain on which Kona coffee grows, Hualalai (pronounced "who ala lie") Estate Coffee started as a hobby for the founder, Joel Cooperson, in 1996, with just a couple acres in his backyard. As Joel’s understanding of and passion for Kona coffee grew, so did his business.

    Hualalai Estate Coffee began to increase in popularity, and suddenly the coffee produced on the 2-acre farm could not keep up with the demand. Joel started to research the quality of coffees from other farms.

    Currently, Hualalai Estate Coffee sources coffee from hundreds of acres of multiple farms. This contributes to the brand being able to create a consistently superb product and not being stuck with mediocre crops from bad years as some small farms, and large publicly-traded companies are forced to do. 

    This situation is a win-win for both parties involved. Hualalai Estate Coffee allows farmers who don't want to spend time marketing their own coffee to focus on growing the best coffee possible. While the Hualalai Estate can maintain superior quality through the processing, roasting, and packaging processes. What results is what they strive for - happy consumers.

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    Instagram: @hualalaiestate