Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals Inc

Founded in 1993, Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals is a family owned company located at the edge of an 'Ohi'a Lehua Rainforest on Hawai'i Island. This special and sacred place contains native plants and flowers that are unique only to this environment. Based on training passed down to our family from Kahuna Lapa'au, we have developed a process where fresh wild flower blossoms release their subtle energies into water. The resulting flower essence energized waters are added to our products so that you may experience their gentle healing energy. Our flower essence can be taken internally or used topically to reduce stress, bring clarity and experience more joy in our lives. We combine our flower essences and organic local ingredients to create spa and body products that release tension on many levels. Trusted and used professionally by world class spas to heal and luxuriate, we have been creating healing remedies and treatments for over 25 years.