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    Flavors of Hawaiʻi Holiday Gift Bundle

    Drift into the holidays with the Flavors of Hawaiʻi Holiday Gift Bundle! This exceptional bundle is a homage to the flavorful and scenic beauty of the Hawaiian islands. Each meticulously selected item in this collection is a passage to the sweet and savory allure of Hawaiʻi, making it an impeccable gift for food enthusiasts or a delightful way to treat yourself. Here’s a glimpse into the enchanting journey awaiting you:

    • Chocolate Chip Cookies with Walnuts: Relish the timeless charm of chocolate chip cookies with a nutty crunch of walnuts. Perfect for a quick snack or a companion on your road trips and errands.
    • Freeze-Dried Lemon Peel Snax: A fusion of sweet, sour, and salty, these freeze-dried candies coated with Chinese crackseed-style lemon peel are a nostalgic bite into Hawaii's diverse culinary culture.
    • Trolli Eggs: Indulge in the tartness of lemon peel blended with the secret sauce of Best Gummies Ever, a snack to satiate your sweet cravings anytime, anywhere.
    • Coconut Syrup: Smooth, sweet, and creamy, this coconut syrup is a drizzle of tropical dream made from ripe Hawaiian coconuts and pure cane sugar, free from artificial additives.
    • Hungry Hawaiian Gourmet Macadamia Nut Cornbread Mix: Bake your way to a hearty cornbread infused with macadamia nuts, a comfort food that complements any meal, any time of the day.
    • Li Hing Wet Lemon Peel Mango Slices: Dive into a blend of sweet and salty with these tropical mango slices sprinkled with succulent lemon peel, an ever-ready snack for a pick-me-up.
    • Hawaii Sugar Daddy Malasada Muffin Baking Mix: Whip up scrumptious malasada muffins in a breeze. Best enjoyed warm, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, a bite of these muffins is a sweet escape.
    • Pink Hawaiian Sea Salt: Enrich your dishes with the delicate flavors and shimmering allure of this authentic Hawaiian sea salt, a sprinkle of island essence.
    • Wada Kooohu Chili Pepper Water: Spice up your culinary experiences with this  condiment made from fresh limu kohu harvested from Hawaii's secluded reefs, a spicy touch to your everyday meals.
    • Organic Macadamia Nuts Covered in Dark Chocolate: Relish the nutritious crunch of organic macadamia nuts enrobed in dark chocolate, a healthy snack to energize your day.
    • Paʻakai x Sea Salt Mini Dark Milk Chocolate Bar: Savor the rich blend of dark chocolate and sea salt in this mini delight, a pocket-sized treasure of luxurious taste.
    • Bamboo Surfboard Serving Board - Aqua: Elevate your serving game with this exquisite bamboo surfboard serving board adorned with a one-of-a-kind ocean resin scene, a picturesque backdrop for your food presentations.

    The Flavors of Hawaiʻi Holiday Gift Bundle is a treasure trove of island delights. Whether for a gourmet aficionado or anyone with a penchant for tropical flavors and aesthetics, this bundle is a heartwarming gesture of Aloha. Unbox, savor, and let Hawaiʻi grace your taste buds and home!