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    Island Heat Holiday Gift Bundle

    Bring the heat and flavor with our Island Heat Holiday Gift Bundle! Carefully curated to cater to the spice aficionados and lovers of Hawaiian zest, this bundle encapsulates the authentic fiery spirit of the islands. Each item is a unique melody of tang, spice, and everything nice, embodying the traditional and modern essence of Hawaiʻi’s spicy culinary scene. Here’s a glimpse of the fiery feast awaiting you:

    • Hot Makana Hawaiian Chili Pepper Shoyu Sauce: Hailing from the rustic terrains of Moloka'i, this hot sauce kicks the original shoyu sauce up a notch. Perfect for the spice enthusiasts, its versatile nature makes it perfect for sipping, dipping, pickling, marinating, cooking, and drizzling over your beloved dishes.
    • Dougz BBQ Rub Seasoning: A melody of 14 seasonings and Hawaiian paʻakai (sea salt), this BBQ rub is a ticket to a sweet, salty, and spicy culinary carnival. Tailgate or potluck, it's a crowd-pleaser!
    • Peleʻs Fire All-Purpose Rub & Seasoning: Unleash a fiery tempest on your taste buds with this blend of cajun spice and chipotle peppers. Ideal for seafood, meats, veggies, and sauces, it’s the genie in a bottle for those craving an extra layer of heat.
    • Wada Murrrkeh Chili Pepper Water: A tantalizing infusion of Hawaiian Sea Salt and the freshest chili peppers from the Hawaiian islands. This Chili Pepper Water is a symphony of spice ready to harmonize with any meal, adding a flavorful, spicy edge to your culinary endeavors.
    • Mike's Hot & Spicy Sauce: Elevate the heat quotient of your dishes with this bold spicy sauce. Gluten-free and MSG-free, it’s a marinade and dipping sauce rolled into one. Shake well, pour generously, and brace yourself for a fiery flavor ride!

    The Island Heat Holiday Gift Bundle is not just a set of condiments and seasonings; it's a ticket to a Hawaiian spice experience. Whether for a fiery-food aficionado or as a spicy addition to your holiday festivities, this bundle is a toast to the thrilling and spicy love affair between Hawaiʻi and its cherished chilis. Ignite the flame of island spice in your kitchen and let the holiday feasts roar!

    Please Note: These special holiday bundles are available for pre-order now and are scheduled to ship out during the first week of December, ensuring they arrive well ahead of Christmas. If you wish to include a personal message in the card, please provide the text in the order notes at checkout. Your heartfelt sentiments will add a warm, personal touch to this thoughtful gift, spreading joy and the spirit of the holiday season.